Excellent dentist

I have been in search of an excellent dentist after having a bad experience.

I really needed a lot of work done and I was terrified of just walking in the door never mind being in the waiting room.

After visiting different dentists that I just didn’t like, a good friend of mine suggested that I call Alex McCubbin at the English Dental Practice.

I immediately called to make an appointment and the rest, as they say, is “History”. Alex and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, understanding and competent. I decided or rather needed all my top teeth removed and replaced with new ones. This was a big decision, but I knew that I was in GREAT hands with Alex. After the entire process was completed I still cannot stop looking at my teeth many times a day. I feel more confident about myself, in my office and personally I am thrilled.


You can search your whole life through finding a great dentist, but if you are reading this, your search is over – The English Dental Practice is the place for you.

Tabatha Park

Marketing Supervisor. Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels.

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