Implants with dentures

First let me thank you for your patience  and professional work in fitting my implants. I have, over the last 10 years been to Spanish and UK dentists, some that have cost me quite a large sum of money and when they have finished my treatment I have walked away very unconfident and unhappy, but also thought maybe as we get older this is what it’s like. I am now 61 !

But meeting you and your lovely friendly staff was good as you took your time to explain about implants to me and even picked up how wrong things were on my old dental plate, I never noticed until you commented on this and said that you could put all this right with implants.

Anyway I now have no problems, I feel so happy to smile and eating has never been so easy. It’s just fantastic.

You’re the best dentist I’ve ever had and I’ve been around a lot. Thank you once again for giving me back my smile and my confidence. I hope you will put my letter in your visitors book for other patients to see.

Geraldine Truscott.

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